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Education, tutoring
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Edusson announces the bug & ideas hunting contest with year round reward

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Following a launch of Robot Don, a machine learning tool that facilitates essay writing, announces a bug & ideas hunting (BIH) contest / scholarship with a year round reward. Scholarship works as a contest with a free participation of pre & postgraduate students and a year round reward.


Participants shall test the software (free for students use) and report shortfalls or areas of improvement in its operation. Submission is accepted from security researchers reporting bugs, interface researchers highlighting usability shortfalls, language and machine learning researchers pinpointing the also deficiencies, etc. Currently, there’re no restrictions as to the nature of suggestions / ideas that may get an applicant the cash reward.

The Contest starts June 1 2016 and will be held on a year round basis. To participate, individual shall be a student enrolled in any degree with any university at the date of submission. Contest reports may take any form (no restriction) and shall be sent via email with BIH Contest Report in Title. Importantly, the submission must contain a PDF copy of student enrollment document for the actual academic year.


Awards range from a minimum of US$500 up to $2,500 with an unlimited reward pool. We don’t have weekly or monthly reward giveaway quotas, so don’t be intimidated by any reward announcement — uncovering considerable flaws and improvement areas will get you a prize! Monetary rewards aside, qualifying reporters will take a seat in our Hall of Fame, ie if we file a bug or an idea, we will acknowledge your contribution on that page.

Let’s make our free essay writing software better together!


Edusson is a modern essay writing advisory service. Coming all the way from essay mill to essay editing / proofreading and, ultimately, education service, we always dreamed about making our own product that will facilitate the writing process. And we wanted to make it really powerfull. This is how Robot Don has emerged. Right now, Edusson team is busy with essay writing (50% of our operations), editing & proofreading (30%), writing advisory and tutoring for ESL students (15% and growing), and live writing webinars & session (5% and growing). Come help us create a better online text writing software and get your reward!

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