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The ultimate guide to writing conclusions for essays

So here we are, your essay is 90% ready and you already feel that pleasant feeling of having the job done. But still, you take your pen, but words just don’t want be written on paper.

Have you ever been stuck like that? If you have, it can mean only one thing: you don’t know how to write a conclusion for essay correctly.


But we can fix that!

Some thoughts

It is important to understand, that those last 10% are not just “the closing paragraph”. We advise to keep following points in mind in order to do things right:

  • Conclusion is your last chance to make an impression.

Those are your last words, if you could say so. They should be strong enough to make anybody fall in love with your essay, even if you didn’t manage to do it in your introduction or main body.

  • Lots of teachers/professors read only introductions and conclusions.

Yeah, unfortunately it is true. But if you think about, those 10% and 10% of your work should be just enough to get your point. And that is why, again, those are the hardest.

  • Conclusion is the sweet juice of your essay.

If the whole writing of yours was an orange, then that tiny last paragraph or two would be a glass, where you squeeze the fruit. Be sure to squeeze in hard in order to make enough juice to quench your reader’s thirst!


Your strategies

It may sound shocking, but there are actually more than one way of making a conclusion. Here are some strategies our writer use in their work:

Yup, you ask another question that makes a person think about subject of your essay. The whole story gave enough information for him or her to make them think. But still, it is in your interest to make them conclude what you want them to conclude.


It is okay and even good to make some prognosis in your essay. Of course, you can’t be sure about what’s going to happen, but still, making a suggestion is a great note to end your essay.

  • Echoing the introduction.

If you use this strategy, you kind of repeat what you said in first 10%, but with more certainty. In you main body you proved your point, so now similar words sound not like a question, but rather like a statement.


What to avoid

Your conclusion is an essence of your work, but it is not summary of it.Don’t try to retell your text in this last paragraph, because it just doesn’t have any sense.


Never use phrases like “In conclusion”, “To summarize” or anything like that. Those phrases look ridiculous, and so will your essay if you use any of them. You should neatly flow from paragraph to paragraph which is impossible with those phrases.

Don’t try to prove another point in conclusion. If you suddenly came up with another idea that you want to add to your essay, it is better to rewrite the whole work. Adding new thoughts in the last paragraph will not only destroy logics of your piece, it will also make it look unfinished and raw.


And if you don’t feel like writing the whole thing again just to add a new point, then maybe you shouldn’t add anything at all.

How can you be sure you did a good job

Your conclusion works fine if it:

  • Makes a great final expression on the reader;
  • Makes your essay look solid and complete;
  • Proves the significance of your work to the reader;
  • Leaves reader satisfied with amount of information he got, but yet makes him to learn more on the topic;
  • Makes the reader think about some of his own ideas or beliefs.

If you managed to do all (or at least some of) those points true for you conclusion, then you may be satisfied with your job and feel free to feel relieved.


But don’t forget to double-check it in order to eliminate unnecessary words and make your sentences shorter (if needed). Keep it short and informative.

Conclusion for the article

Even though it is only 10% of the essay, conclusion is the most important and complicated part of your work. With that last paragraph you may benefit as well as ruin your piece. Always be sure follow the rules of writing and you’ll see how far it may get you.


Our essay writing service is always eager to help you with any task. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found it useful.

Best of luck!

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